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Webinar Series

Female Leadership in the Tech Sector

The EQUALS Leadership Coalition is proud to present a series of webinars designed to help women succeed in the technology sector as leaders. Join experts as they illustrate ways to build on strengths to find paths to tech leadership.

Session information and registration below.

Female leadership in the tech sector

Session 1:
From Zero to Hero

This session showcases both women and men professionals who want to advance their careers and get ahead on how to strategically build their value and become valuable assets in their careers.

You will learn how to:
• Accelerate your career growth with an only small, simple change
• Expand your network and circle of influence (even if you are an introvert!)
• Stand out and get recognized by your peers and leaders
• Strategically leverage resources to advance to new levels

(this session was held on 30 June 2022)
lauren hasson - developher.jpeg

Lauren Hasson

Founder, DevelopHer

Lauren Hasson is an accomplished Principal Software Engineer at a leading Silicon Valley payments company where she has worked for the past five years. Her professional work has been featured in Apple keynotes, she was one of 100 top innovators worldwide invited to the UK G8 Innovation Conference, and she has won more than 18 international awards for her work in entrepreneurship, product innovation, and leadership, including multiple recognitions by the United Nations. Lauren is also the best-selling author of The DevelopHer Playbook, published in 2021.

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2020 series: Access to finance for women in the tech sector

Course 1:
How to develop financial projections – Part 1

Participants will learn why financial projections are fundamental to understanding their business needs and attracting investors and will learn how to forecast future revenues and expenses. This interactive webinar will not only address how to build solid financial projections but also how to translate business ideas into numbers using pro forma financial statements and sensitivity analyses. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to ask questions related to developing financial projects to an industry expert. 

3 March 2020

Adramé Ndione

Managing Director,

Gambia Angel Investors Network

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Vertis Capital

Senator, World Business Angel Forum

Course 2:
How to develop financial projections – Part 2

This session will focus on how to develop financial projections using an excel tool. Participants will learn how to conduct the financial modelling of their business and understand the key drivers to determine their funding needs Also including understanding investor requirements;  identifying the right financial instruments for your tech company; how to get ready for corporate contracts.  

25 March 2020

Adramé Ndione

Managing Director,

Gambia Angel Investors Network

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Vertis Capital

Senator, World Business Angel Forum

Course 3:
Understanding investor requirements

What are investors looking for when they’re seeking to invest in technology companies? What documents do they require? Participants will hear directly from a founding partner of a venture capital fund and co-founder of the world’s largest start-up competition for women and technology, about specific metrics and trends that investors look for.

6 May 2020

Virginia Tan 

Co-Founder, She Loves Tech

Founding Partner, Teja Ventures

Course 4:
Identifying the right financial instruments for your technology company

What is the difference between, debt, equity, trade finance and a range of other financial instruments, and which is right for your technology company? What are the different stages of seed funding? Participants will learn how to differentiate between the existing means of financing and identify which is most suitable for their company depending on where they are in their growth stage.

26 May 2020
Course 5:
How to get ready for corporate contracts: The art of winning & keeping enterprise customers
Once tech companies secure contracts, how should they prepare? Participants will hear from a leading tech industry expert on how to best prepare for contracts. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and engage in an interactive dialogue.
23 June 2020 



Dr. Gitanjali Swamy

Managing Partner at IoTask, 

Representative to the EQUALS Leadership Coalition

Chaitra Dutt headshot.jpg

Chaitra Vedullapalli

C0-Founder and CMO,


2019 series: Business and leadership for women in tech

Course 1:
Women's Economic Empowerment

and Entrepreneurship in the Digital World
Provides context for women and girls interested in starting a tech business: importance of women's economic empowerment, entrepreneurship, and leadership for growth, prosperity, and development.
31 October 2018
AYR Bio Pic 9-28-18.jpg

Avis Yates River
CEO, Technology Concepts Group International

Betty Manetta Headshot2.jpg

Beatriz Manetta
President, Founder and CEO, Argent Associates and Asociar LLC

Course 2:
Turning an Idea into a Tech Business

This webinar will provide an overview for women entrepreneurs as well as women working in technology companies on how to create a strategic business plan.   

19 December 2018
Youn Jung Chung.jpg

Youn Jung Chung
Founder, Dal Enterprises

Course 3:
Strategic Management

This webinar will help women identify the direction of their business, connect to new opportunities, and address challenges in starting their new businesses. Participants will learn how companies create and maintain value, how firms are organized, how the decision-making process works.  There will also be a focus on promoting gender-responsive practices to develop women as leaders in tech companies.

30 January 2019
Mei Lin Fung - PCI.jpg

Mei Lin Fung

People-Centered Internet Co-founder, Vice Chair IEEE Internet Inclusion, Internet for All Committee (World Economic Forum)

Course 4:
Interpersonal Communication

Participants will learn how to use leadership skills to work more effectively with others.  It will provide an overview on communicating with others, how to develop trust, coaching, negotiate effectively and influence others, conflict management, and managing and leading change.  

12 February 2019
Kara Sammet Headshot-2019_edited.jpg

Kara Sammet

Founder and Principal, Gender Lenz

Course 5:
Foundations of Leadership

In this webinar, you will learn about the aspects of everyday leadership: value creation, manage people, decision-making processes, team motivation, and understand why and how leadership skills are so critical to organizational success.

26 February 2019
Lauren Gula 2_edited.jpg

Lauren Gula

Senior Manager, Social Sustainability & Women's Empowerment at United Nations Global Compact


Gitanjali Swamy

Managing Partner, IoTask

Entrepreneur, Founder, VCPE Investor and Problem Solver

Course 6:
Obtaining a Loan from a Commercial Bank and Maintaining Finances

This webinar will provide insight on how to approach banks for financing your business and will also discuss intelligent strategies for women entrepreneurs doing finances for their business. Also highlighting services offered by banks.

27 March 2019
Esi Facutly Picture 2018_edited.jpg

Dr. Esi Elliott

Assistant Professor of Marketing, Suffolk University, former General Accounts Manager at National Westminster Bank, London

Course 7:
Creating Pitch Decks and Obtaining Impact Investment
This webinar will discuss how to pitch a tech business as well as strategies and new opportunities for securing impact investment.

24 April 2019 

Isabel Würth

Analyst at Angel Ventures Mexico


Daniel Apiquian

Investment Officer at Alterna Impact

Course 8:
Negotiating Contracts
Understand the basics of contracts, with a focus on contracts that are most relevant for SMEs in developing countries. This webinar will broadly explain the key terms SMEs must think about when negotiating contracts, including the price and currency of payment; what happens in case of non-performance; how to terminate the contract, governing law, and dispute settlement.

29 May 2019 


Colette Withey 

Director, UK Law Team at EY

Course 9:
How to Digitize your Business and Maximize User Design/Experience
Learn the basics for creating a website to showcase your business, with a specific focus on businesses operating in the tech sector.

26 June 2019 
Lina Bareno -

Lina Bareno 

Digital strategist founder of Mark of the Buffalo



Rhea See

Co-Founder and COO of She Loves Tech

Course 10:
Marketing and Communications Strategies
This webinar will help women in tech focus on leveraging new digital technologies and social media to produce effective marketing campaigns.

31 July 2019
Naomi Price Headshot C2.png


Naomi Price

Vice President of Global Accounts

luke wyckoff.png


Luke Wyckoff

Chief Visionary Officer

Social Media Energy

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