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A project of the EQUALS Skills Coalition

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About the Project

Project Overview

The #eSkills4Girls Fund provides financial resources to local initiatives providing gender-sensitive skills training across countries in the Global South. 

The fund is committed to tackling online gender inequality and to fostering digital skills for women and girls.

Project Partners
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2021 Grantees

Past Grantees (2019 - 2020)

How You Can Get Involved


Please get in touch with us (see below for contact information) to learn how you can be a part of this effort to break down the digital skills barrier to internet access and ensure more women and girls have the opportunity to access and use the internet.

Contact the Project:

For more information about the #eSkills4Girls Fund, please contact: 

Lukas Hilgers

Policy Advisor, GIZ

lukas.hilgers [at]

Follow the Project:

Role of Cape Town Science Center

The Cape Town Science Centre (CTSC) will serve as the fund coordinator. The overall management of the fund, including the setting up of the criteria, the evaluation of the proposals, the subgranting     processes and the evaluation will be under the responsibility of CTSC. Any additional funds from external partners would be contributed directly to CTSC as the fund manager. To learn more, please visit: )

Role of Germany

Since Germany’s G20 presidency 2017, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) works on the initiative #eSkills4Girls to overcome the gender digital divide and to promote the participation of women and girls in the digital economy. As former Co-Leader of the EQUALS Skills Coalition, Germany is working very closely with the EQUALS partners to address and narrow the gender digital divide. Germany will finance the EQUALS Digital Skills Fund for the third year. To learn more, see:

Role of EQUALS

EQUALS is a ground-breaking global partnership of corporations, governments, communities, non-profit organizations, and academic institutions around the world working together to bridge the digital gender divide – by bringing women to tech, and tech to women – and in so doing, bettering the lives of millions worldwide. EQUALS helps partners network so they can combine efforts for greater efficiency in their work against that goal. 

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