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Her Digital Skills: Towards a Gender Transformative Approach 


This framework and practitioners' guide recommends gender-transformative approaches to the design of digital skills education programmes, inside and outside the classroom. The framework outlines an inclusive, contextualised, competency-based approach to learning strategies, curricula and content, and underscores the importance of integrating gender norm change theory and practice. 

The report also recommends how different stakeholders can intervene in the wider ecosystem to bridge the gender digital divide.



Handbook on mainstreaming gender in digital policies

The handbook on mainstreaming gender in digitalpolicies provides 1) guidance on how to take concrete actions and

2) insights to help policymakers understand how to best influence policy making processes and advocate for gender equality.


Moreover, this handbook also offers an initial actionable checklist for policymakers on how to set up policy actions that are gender equal.

Read online.

The handbook is available in six languages here.

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Perceptions of Power

Led by GSMA, this report examines how men and women in middle and senior management positions define leadership, with a particular focus on the gendered differences in leadership perceptions. This is critical, as perceptions of power, among other factors, affect the gender gap in leadership.

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I'd Blush if I Could

This report by the Skills Coalition shares strategies to close gender divides in digital skills through education.

The report also discusses the harmful role that AI may play in perpetuating gender stereotypes.

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Towards an Equal Future

Led by UNICEF and ITU, this document seeks to call attention to the potential of STEM education to transform gender norms in the education system, to improve quality learning opportunities for girls, and to highlight key actions that can accelerate girls’ transition between education and technical expert jobs in STEM industries.

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Taking Stock

The inaugural report from the Research Coalition offers a comprehensive view of current data and evidence on gender equality in digital access, skills and leadership worldwide.


Progress Reports

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