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Ensuring women girls have full access digital technologies devices services

Access Coalition

Access Coalition

Ensuring that women and girls have full access to digital technologies, devices and services


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2019 EQUALS Access Coalition Report
10 Lessons Learnt: Closing the Gender Gap in Internet
Access and Use Insights from the EQUALS Access Coalition
EQUALS Access Coalition Partners have taken a leading
role in closing the gender gap in access to and use of
the internet, and they have learned key lessons along the
way. In this report, you will find some invaluable insights
to consider when implementing projects that aim to
increase women’s access to and use of the internet.
Download the report.
Lead partner: GSMA

About the EQUALS Access Coalition

The Issue


Worldwide, women are less likely to have access to the transformative power of the internet. The latest estimates from ITU suggest that women globally are 12% less likely than men to use the internet and also highlights that this gap is most pronounced in Least Developed Countries (LDCs), where women are 33% less likely to use the internet.

It is critical that we address this digital gender gap and ensure women are not being left behind. The internet can bring women access to information, services, education, health care and economic opportunities. Addressing the digital gender gap will bring benefits to society, the economy and to individual women and families, while also contributing to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Why it matters


Each time we bring more women and girls online, we not only take one more step towards achieving gender equality, we accelerate the implementation of all the Sustainable Development Goals.

The digital gender gap will not close on its own; its root causes are a complex set of social, economic and cultural barriers. These obstacles will only be overcome through targeted intervention by a range of stakeholders.

Working together, we can make significant progress in eliminating the digital gender imbalance.


Because when women thrive, societies, businesses and economies thrive.
Access Coalition Goals


Our goal is to reduce the gender gap in internet access by 50% by 2030.


  • Making it more affordable for women and girls to connect;

  • Making all citizens aware and comfortable with the benefits of women and girls going online;

  • Improving the accessibility of the internet for women and girls;

  • Developing content that is relevant, accessible and of interest to women and girls;

  • Providing women and girls with the basic know-how they need to get online.

Access Coalition Partners

Association for Progressive Communications

BBVA Microfinance Foundation

Digital Opportunity Trust



Girl Effect

Government of Burundi


Internet Society

Get involved


If your organization would like to join the EQUALS Access Coalition, reach out to us at

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