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EQUALS: A Growing Partnership

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

EQUALS adds five new partners and announces new coalition leading partners

In its five-year history, the EQUALS Global Partnership for Gender Equality in the Digital Age has grown to over 100 member organizations, each of whom brings unique focus and strength to the Access, Skills, Leadership and Research coalitions.

We would like to welcome our newest partners, featured below, and applaud their commitment to making sure everyone—regardless of gender—can access and use all the benefits of the digital world.

New ACCESS Coalition Leading Partners

By design, EQUALS partners share responsibility for continuing and strengthening the partnership, and coalition leadership rotates among those partners able and willing to lead, to ensure that we achieve our common goals toward gender equality in technology.

The EQUALS Access Coalition was led for four years by the GSMA, a founding partner of EQUALS. Under GSMA’s outstanding leadership, the Access Coalition organized programs and projects focused on connectivity for all, and on empowering safe and beneficial use of the Internet for everyone, regardless of gender.

This year, the partnership is pleased to announce that ESOA-EMEA Satellite Operator’s Association and Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT) will jointly lead the Access Coalition for its next phase.

The entire partnership is grateful for the active and inspiring leadership of GSMA, and we look forward to the work of the Access Coalition under its new leadership.

Five New EQUALS Partners

The Digital Cooperation Organization (DCO), based in Riyadh, brings together its members to build social prosperity and growth of the digital economy. Members of this growing partnership includes the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Sultanate of Oman, as founding members, joining Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia.

Afghanistan Telecom Regulatory Authority is the highest governmental authority regulating telecom sector operations in Afghanistan. From regulating markets to shaping the future of telecom and digital industries in the country, ATRA is a vital partner in the work of ensuring fair and equal access to the Internet for women and girls.

With research specialties including gender and internet communities, employment, politics and power, Warwick University brings critical perspectives to the EQUALS partnership. Our research partners bring an evidence-based foundation for our coalitions’ work.

Natview Technology is an end-to-end technology delivery company that promises to deliver innovative and focused solutions to its clients. As a new EQUALS partner, Natview is bringing local, regional and global expertise to projects focused on digital skills development opportunities for women in Nigeria.

Supporting the European Union’s gender strategies, Women Cyber Force brings together cybersecurity professionals, with different nationalities, education, and backgrounds, who want to raise up their voice and inspire and help future generations to better understand the importance of women in this sector.


About the EQUALS Global Partnership for Gender Equality in the Digital Age

The annual EQUALS in Tech Awards are organized and presented by the EQUALS Global Partnership – a network of 100+ organizations, companies, UN agencies and research institutions – whose founding partners include the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), UN Women, International Trade Centre, GSMA, and United Nations University. Together, the partnership works to bring the benefits of information and communication technologies (ICTs) to women and girls, and to help women succeed in the tech sector.

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