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Second in our ongoing series showcasing past winners of the EQUALS in Tech Award is, a Mercy Corps initiative that provides updated, critical information for Syrian refugees on their journey to safety. Our judges loved the way helped women and their families get access to digital resources like legal guidance, birth and marriage records, and documents to rectify status for refugees. At the award ceremony in September 2018, we asked project officer Mira Al-Khatib about winning the award.

EQUALS: What does winning the 2018 EQUALS in Tech Award mean to you?

Mira Al-Khatib: It actually means so much to see that the work I’ve been doing for the past two years since joining Mercy Corps is recognized and has paid off.

EQUALS: What would your one piece of advice be, to future award applicants?

Mira Al-Khatib: It would be that please keep doing what you’re doing and you will actually want to hold this because it’s a really shiny pretty trophy. People need your help around the world so please do what you have to do to help everyone, just like what we’re doing here. accepts the EQUALS in Tech Access Award in September 2018

For five years, the EQUALS in Tech Awards have recognized work that helps girls and women get equal access, skills and opportunities online and in the tech industry. The winners are reimagining the digital future as a brighter time for everyone.

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