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Supporting STEM skills for all

The EQUALS Global Partnership recently announced the 2022 EQUALS in Tech Awards finalists. The Awards recognize outstanding projects and initiatives around the world that are helping build a brighter digital future for girls and women by bridging the gender digital divide.

As one of the EQUALS focus areas, the Skills Coalition aims to empower women and girls to acquire skills to become both ICT users and creators in the digital world and STEM fields.

Here’s a snapshot of the three finalists in the Skills category.

Mujeres en Tecnología (Women in Technology, MeT) is an organization that promotes the participation of women and gender minorities in various areas of technology, thereby promoting a diverse and inclusive digital ecosystem. To this day, MeT has built a collaborative community of more than 8000 women & gender minorities. MeT network enables these people to access training and job opportunities in IT and enjoy a safe space where they can share experiences, knowledge and concerns about gender, diversity and technology.

MeT’s projects include MeT CaMPs (intensive and practical trainings for women & gender minorities on tools and basic principles of different technology areas and projects.), MeTLabs (study groups within MeT Community on different technology areas for women & gender minorities who want to acquire in-depth and practical learnings about a certain technology), etc.

Through its partnerships with enterprises like Bitlogic and Accenture, MeT also co-creates Gender & Diversity initiatives in tech companies and other organizations, promoting more inclusive work environments and linking its community with IT job opportunities.

EY STEM App (Global)

EY STEM is an innovative gamified learning app that aims to inspire and empower the next generation of female leaders in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and to create a more equal future.

The EY STEM App was developed by EY teams in collaboration with SkillsVR, an organization dedicated to developing potential talent through immersive learning. It features modules and activities focused on science, such as climate change or space exploration; technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI), 3D printing or blockchain; the future of work and skills that may be required for future, yet-to-be-defined jobs; and inspirational stories of women in STEM.

Following a successful pilot in the US and India, EY announced at the beginning of 2022 that the EY STEM App would be rolled out to an additional seven countries throughout 2022 with the aim of reaching 100,000 girls. The move aligns with EY’s plans to support the next generation of young people and positively impact a billion lives by 2030 through the EY Ripples corporate responsibility program.

Czechitas (Czech Republic)

Czechitas is a social impact platform dedicated to creating and growing tech opportunities for women and girls in the Czech Republic. The platform offers practical experiences, hands-on exercises, and real-world applicability. Czechitas is recognized as the leading IT skills training platform in the Czech Republic actively focused on greater diversity in IT fields; improved quality of STEM education for young people; and broader access to affordable high-quality digital skills training for all. Czechitas’ community’s success has been honored in the Czech Republic, across Europe, and internationally.

Czechitas currently operates programs in 8 of the 13 regions of the Czech Republic. Its hybrid in-person/online capacities enable it to serve individuals and communities while adapting to changing needs. Czechitas also maintains active training facilities in Prague and Brno. By 2025, Czechitas aims to become the largest platform in the Czech Republic for lifelong learning in IT; and for digital skills and career growth towards professions of the future.

Congratulations to all the 2022 finalists! On behalf of the EQUALS Global Partnership, we thank you for your work to bridge the gender digital divide and build a bright connected future for everyone!

Awards Ceremony

The 2022 EQUALS in Tech Award winners will be announced at a ceremony on 8 December 2022, during the annual meeting of Partner2Connect at ITU headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

Registration to attend the awards is now open. Find out more by visiting:

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