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EQUALS Research Group Identifies Key Outcomes for 2018

The Research Group of the EQUALS Global Partnership gathered this week in Macau, China for their first live group meeting, which was held to define the group's work plan and agenda for the next 12 to 18 months.

Facilitated by the United Nations University Institute on Computing and Society (UNU-CS), the EQUALS Research Group was established to ensure an evidence-based approach to the activities of EQUALS, to track progress towards the initiative's targets, and to generate and disseminate knowledge globally to address gender inequalities in science and technology.

The group is comprised of 31 leading academic and research institutions around the globe. During their planning meeting, the EQUALS Research Group agreed on the following key 2018 planned outcomes:

  1. Unpack the notion of digital skills in global and dynamic contexts. This will involve the conceptualization of all skills from literacy to capabilities;

  2. Identify out the future skills women and girls need to equally participate in the digital economy;

  3. Develop a research roadmap through 2018 in coordination with the coalitions;

  4. Publish an inaugural report in 2018; and

  5. Identify the landscape of women in tech.

Visit the EQUALS Research Group webpage for more information and a full list of its partners.

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