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Bytedance joins EQUALS Global Partnership to bridge digital gender divide and empower more women thr

Bytedance, an artificial intelligence leader in China with over 200 million active daily users on its Internet platforms, has become the latest official partner of EQUALS. EQUALS Partners work together to promote awareness, build political commitment, leverage resources and knowledge, harness the capacities of partners, and supporting real action. Originally founded by GSMA, the International Trade Centre, the International Telecommunication Union, the United Nations University and UN Women – the network has now grown to more than 50 government, corporate and NGO partners.

Zhen Liu, Bytedance Senior Vice President for Corporate Development, said: “Bytedance connects people all over of the world with the content they care about, and now we are taking a step further. By becoming an official EQUALS Partners, Bytedance is helping more women connect with a better future by empowering them to connect, create and prosper. Worldwide, there are hundreds of millions fewer women than men who own a mobile phone or use the Internet. This lack of access for women blocks them from e-commerce and the many economic opportunities that can be found from being online. We have the experience, technology, and passion within our company to make a difference among for women who have been disadvantaged in the Internet age.”

Since the beginning of 2017, Bytedance has launched several initiatives helping women from underprivileged areas as well as unemployed women, and has applied its personalized Internet technology to recommend and support philanthropic projects tailored to the users’ engagement, including supporting women and children in need.

As an EQUALS Partner, Bytedance will work with other partners to create and introduce more initiatives that serve to close the gender digital divide.

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