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Meet the 2020 EQUALS in Tech Award Finalists

The 2020 EQUALS in Tech Award finalists have been selected. EQUALS is pleased to announce the 25 finalists for the 2020 EQUALS in Tech Awards, the annual flagship event of the EQUALS global partnership. The awards recognize outstanding projects and initiatives around the world that are helping build a brighter digital future for girls and women.

This year we received more than 340 nominations from around the globe. These include submissions from a wide range of initiatives working to bridge the gender digital divide.

Prizes are awarded for outstanding achievement and innovative strategies in five categories: Access, Skills, Leadership in Technology, Leadership in SME (small and medium enterprises) and Research.

Our 25 finalists originate in 19 countries and represent an innovative set of initiatives that have realized significant results in areas of the world where women are most excluded from the benefits of digital technology, and in those where work remains to be done.

We are extraordinarily pleased to present the 2020 EQUALS in Tech Award finalists:

Access Category

Safetipin (India)

Set of technology applications designed to make public spaces safer and more inclusive for women.

App Laudelina (Brazil)

Mobile app offering Brazilian domestic workers access to information that improve their work conditions and empower them.

Sehat Kahani (Pakistan)

IT-enabled solutions to empower female doctors to re-join the workforce and deliver quality healthcare to patients located far away

Tiny Totos (Kenya)

Online network that gives private, slum-based informal daycares in Nairobi the knowledge and tools they need to offer high-quality, reliable and sustainable service

Female-led organization aiming to engage youth in internet governance; connect communities to institutions that enhance their autonomy in digital citizenship; and create services that respond to the digital needs of underserved communities.

Skills Category

She Codes (Israel)

Community of female software engineers in Israel, established with the goal of reaching 50% female software engineers in the Israeli hi-tech industry.

Organization that educates, trains, and mentors African girls and young women from underserved communities and disadvantaged backgrounds in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

Digital education program that aims to use technology to improve the education of millions of girls and boys around the world through technology.

Platform and innovation center aimed at promoting and supporting African women in the fields of technology and entrepreneurship.

Sisters of Code (Cambodia)

First female coding club in Cambodia; encourages female students to study technology, thus directly improving their opportunities for better-paid jobs in the future.

Leadership in Technology Category

National program providing opportunities for all, and particularly women, providing trainings on emerging technologies and empowering digital champions.

ICFOSS gender and technology targeted interventions to bridge the gender digital divide by holding events and activities such as Women Hackathons, She Fellowship, Workshops, Winter Schools, and Back to Work.

Programmatic efforts designed to develop young girls in STEM and help them remain in the STEM pool.

Rights Tech Women (Switzerland)

Organization advancing the human rights of women and girls in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields through human rights advocacy in the United Nations and in other relevant international organizations.

Career development platform founded by Lauren Hasson that offers women in tech a repeatable, scalable framework to build their value, increase their earnings, and bridge the gender wage and opportunity gap.

Leadership in SME Category

Program to prepare private sector women employees to be national future leaders through coaching, projects, best practices, follow-up and direct teaching with international experts in building leadership.

Organization that aims to identify and spark new ideas, nurture creative innovation and develop engaged change-making leaders and communities that will bring about transformation and impact across Africa and beyond.

PÁNUM-Digital (Equatorial Guinea)

Offers education, training, technical assistance and advisory services to the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people, which are most often young women and girls.

Program that strengthens the capacities of girls and young women, and increases their autonomy through sustainable projects and activities in urban, peri-urban and rural areas.

Cyber Ladies NYC (United States)

Community for women who work in the cybersecurity industry and for women who want to join the industry. As part of their activities, they provide free workshops and panels.

Research Category

Project created by the College of Computer Science and Information Technology; goal is discovering talented women and developing their skills.

Not-for-profit association with a mission to promote the development of Internet policy; score card showed gender digital inequality, lack of online safety and no collection of sex-disaggregated data.

Study that set out to examine the mindsets in Russian society that cause gender inequality in the digital economy.

Objective is to create a space of exchange about women’s situations in the scientific and technological sector and to make a diagnosis of the situation of women in science and technology and its evolution in recent years.

Scientific educational gathering for female students in which they present the reports of their research projects and then discuss them and exchange views in a three-day open dialogue.

The finalists in each category were selected through a rigorous evaluation process conducted by the EQUALS in Tech Award Advisory Group – comprising previous awards winners and other experts – in addition to members of the four EQUALS Partnership Coalitions (Access, Skills, Leadership and Research).

The winners will be announced at a virtual ceremony on 6 November 2020, during the Internet Governance Forum (IGF 2020).

Registration details are forthcoming and will be posted here and on our social media channels.

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