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Two new EQUALS partners building a better future

The EQUALS Skills Coalition has two new members. Both Oxford Policy Management and Pro Mujer are organizations devoted to helping bridge the gender gaps in opportunity, education and access for women. We welcome these two new EQUALS partners, who join more than 60 organizations working actively around the world to achieve equality for women and girls in technology and other areas. Learn more about our newest partners:

Oxford Policy Management

Besides expertise in creating new skill-building opportunities for women in developing countries, Oxford Policy Management (OPM) brings to EQUALS a focus on creating “lasting positive change using analytical and practical policy expertise,” a welcome addition to the prestigious EQUALS Research Group.

One of OPM’s specialization areas is gender. MUVA, a female economic empowerment program in Mozambique, managed by OPM and financed by UKAID, has as its goal to ensure that the needs of women and girls are recognized and addressed across all the sectors. With a focus on a brighter future for all people, MUVA’s motto is:

"Pensa à frente, faz diferente"

(Meaning: Think forward – make it different)

With a cross-cutting commitment to gender equality, OPM’s expertise in bringing high-quality, lifelong skill-building opportunities for everyone, with a special focus on women and ICT, in low- and middle-income countries meshes perfectly with the focus of the EQUALS Skills Coalition.

Pro Mujer

Pointing out that Latin America has the highest rates of income inequality in the world, Pro Mujer focuses on promoting security, health, solidarity, and leadership among women in the region. They bring to EQUALS their expertise on female entrepreneurship and skill-building. For example, they recently facilitated the use of a mobile app to help women in Argentina learn new languages to expand their possibilities in business and networking.

Pro Mujer will bring this same dedication to opportunity and equality to the EQUALS Skills Coalition. There they will join a group of like-minded organizations and the chance to find new solutions to the problems created by the disempowerment of women.

“Joining the EQUALS Global Partnership will be catalytic to our collective work in closing the digital gender divide in the Latin American region” – Maria Cavalcanti, President and CEO, Pro Mujer

We welcome our new coalition members. If your organization is working to bridge the gender digital divide, find out more about becoming an EQUALS partner.


Nominate an individual or organization working to end digital gender inequality for the 2018 EQUALS in Tech Awards.

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