Roya Mahboob: Giving girls the tools to realize their dreams

In 2017, Roya Mahboob won an EQUALS in Tech Award for her work as CEO and president of Digital Citizen Fund. As an Afghan entrepreneur and businesswoman and one of the first female CEOs in Afghanistan, she is a tech leader with a passion for empowering and educating women and children through digital literacy. We followed up with Ms. Mahboob to find out how things have been going since the award.

What does the EQUALS in Tech Award mean to you? Has winning the award helped you further your mission?

The EQUALS in Tech Award means that the world is supporting our vision and recognizing the importance of digital literacy and bridging the gap in digital gender equality. It’s an honor that comes after years of building Digital Citizen Fund to empower women in developing countries like Afghanistan to be active participants and innovators in tech and STEAM. I believe it will encourage us, even more, to pursue our dreams and strive to create meaningful opportunities for women in our increasingly digital world.

At the Internet Governance Forum last December, you mentioned the