Equal Opportunity Sourcing From Women Owned Businesses

Geneva, 28 March 2018 - Last week, the annual World Summit on the Information Society Forum 2018 (WSIS 2018) came to a close. Held in Geneva from 19 to 23 March 2018, the event is the world’s largest annual gathering of the ICT for Development Community. EQUALS and many of our partners participated in, hosted, and contributed to a number of notable sessions dedicated to the thematic focus of gender digital inclusion. Among those sessions was a session entitled “Maximizing Impact for Sustainable Development: How Core Business Activities Can Achieve a Multiplier Effect Through Equal Opportunity Sourcing From Women Owned Businesses”, an event conducted jointly by the ITU, ITC, UN Women, and We Connect International, in support of EQUALS. This event featured esteemed panellists Christine Low, Andrea Fimian, and Anna Mori, representatives of UN Women, IBM, and ITC respectively.

The goal of the session was to raise awareness of the opportunity to, and impact of, equal opportunity sourcing from women-owned or managed businesses. This emerging practice is relatively new to the ICT a