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Catching up with women in tech "Global Achiever" award-winner Monique Morrow

Monique Morrow was one of six Global Achievers recognized in 2014 for her work to support women in tech, and her own leadership role in the tech sector. At the time, Monique was the Chief Technology Officer of Services of Cisco Systems. Her recognition was made during the annual global awards event recognizing efforts to support women and girls in tech, the then GEM-Tech Awards – now known as the EQUALS in Tech Awards. The prestigious EQUALS in Tech Awards recognize those innovators working around the globe to promote the participation by women and girls in tech in three categories: Access, Skills and Leadership development.

Monique Morrow pictured above, third to the right.

Since being recognized, Monique has continued to shine and be acknowledged for her leadership role in the tech sector. This includes being named to the list of Top 10 Influential IT Women in Europe and receiving the 2017 DECA International Entrepreneurial Spirit Award.

She is also Co-founder and President of the self-organizing Humanized Internet, where, as Monique says, “people are allowed to take control of their own destiny and unleash a whole new era of Personal Innovation, Creativity, and Free-Thinking Lifestyles.”

She adds, “The Humanized Internet is focused on providing digital identity to those individuals who are most vulnerable: women and children. More than 1.5 billion people around the world (over 21% of the world’s population) cannot prove their identity. Most of the impacted people reside in Asia and Africa and are cut off from accessing basic services and rights.”

Checking in with Monique, she continues to be very active, here are links to some of the key activities she is currently involved in:

  • On November 13, Monique was interviewed by Doug Krizner and Paul Allen of Bloomberg Asia Radio about how the Internet can provide secure identities for all.

  • Monique will be speaking at the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) 100 Technical Advisory Board Panel on November 15, 2017.

  • On 16 November 2017, Monique was awarded the prestigious Global Citizen Award by leading firm Henley & Partners in Hong Kong. This annual event honors an inspirational global citizen whose extraordinary achievements have improved our global community and contributed to a more just, peaceful, and tolerant world.

Stay tuned in to Monique’s ongoing activities by following her on Twitter at @moniquejmorrow. And meet the latest EQUALS in Tech Awards winners at the gala award event being held 19 December 2017 in Geneva, Switzerland. This exciting event is open to the public, but registration must be done before 27 November 2017.

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