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EQUALS pledges to Partner2Connect

EQUALS partners are all committed to bridging the gender digital divide, in all its complexities, around the world. We believe in the power of partnership to achieve this goal, and in fact it is the very idea upon which EQUALS was founded.

The Partner2Connect Digital Coalition is a leadership level platform aimed at engaging all stakeholders to mobilize and announce new resources, partnerships, and commitments to achieve universal and meaningful connectivity. EQUALS is proud to announce two pledges from our partners to Partner2Connect. Read more about our pledges:

PLEDGE 1: Leverage partnerships to bridge the gender digital divide in skills and leadership

As members of the EQUALS Global Partnership for Gender Equality in the Digital Age, we share the Partner2Connect focus on universal connectivity and the digital transformation of societies. We furthermore recognize and are driven by the knowledge that these goals are only possible if the ongoing gender digital divide can be bridged, so that gender is no longer a defining factor in digital Access, Skills and Leadership.

To that end, EQUALS partners in the Skills and Leadership coalitions pledge to:

1. Build capacity for and provide access to free, gender-transformative, foundational IT skills training and e-mentoring for one million women and girls by 2026 via the program HER DIGITAL SKILLS INITIATIVE powered by the EQUALS Global Partnership for Gender Equality in the Digital Age. The overarching goal of this program is to increase the talent pipeline of girls and young women in technology and STEM/STEAM, leading to employment and/or internship opportunities. The initiative includes:

Basic introduction to the technical knowledge and education needed for careers in technology through hands-on EQUALS Her Digital Skills workshops

  • Access to free, adapted (gender-transformative), foundational IT skills training through a committed online platform

  • An EQUALS qualification (“the Digital Badge”) aimed at boosting women’s chances of pursuing further training/studies and access to formal employment in the ICT sector

  • An e-mentoring programme connecting established companies from among the tech and mobile industries to young women to increase interest, involvement, and awareness of the overall role of industry in bridging the gender gap in leadership

2. Increase the visibility, leadership, business and digital skills, mentoring and networking opportunities for 10,000 women leaders and entrepreneurs in the technology sector by 2026 as part of the EQUALS Ambassadors Programme powered by the EQUALS Global Partnership for Gender Equality in the Digital Age. This commitment includes:

  • Building critical leadership and digital skills for emerging female leaders in tech

  • Increasing visibility of the EQUALS Global Partnership and relevant EQUALS initiatives at the grassroots level

  • Fostering a global community of EQUALS Ambassadors

  • Offering free business development courses with a view of increasing the competitiveness of women led businesses (for example by sharing the latest developments in technology and innovation via such platforms as SheTrades, WEPs Learning Hub, and the ITU Academy).

  • The development of platforms (e.g. events, forums) to facilitate networking and mentoring of women entrepreneurs in technology.

  • Organizing high-level advocacy events to boost the visibility and importance of women in tech through the provision of speaking opportunities and collective action, and by bringing together other organizations focused on eliminating gender bias in tech to such advocacy activities .

  • Informing and training organizations and employees about the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) and their importance in applying the gender responsive policies in the workplace, marketplace and communities.

PLEDGE 2: Support our partners as they take action to build awareness and engagement to bridge the gender digital divide

We, the members of the EQUALS Global Partnership for Gender Equality in the Digital Age, hereby pledge to work together to bridge the gender digital divide in all its complexity everywhere, using resources and efforts aligned with the Focus Areas of Partner2Connect (P2C). Our partners – both individually and collectively over the next 5 years – commit to:

  • Providing support and assistance to policymakers working on gender-responsive technology at global, national and local levels by sharing knowledge and increasing public engagement and support for gender digital equality.

  • Sharing stories, data, insights and examples of successes in bridging the gender digital divide wherever they may occur; implementing a Measurement and Evaluation framework for our own partner programmes and initiatives; and working to replicate successes through transparent and accountable action.

  • Increasing public engagement in the effort to bridge the gender digital divide by demonstrating the benefits accrued through gender digital equality and the positive effects for women and girls, communities, society and the future of technology.

  • As individual partners, participate in making single or joint pledges to P2C, specifically its Access and Adoption focus areas, aligning closely with new and existing EQUALS initiatives in Access, Skills, Leadership, and Research.

A Growing Partnership

The power of EQUALS is the power of partnership. By working together, our partners bring their unique strengths and expertise to the work of bridging the gender digital divide. If your organization is interested in joining us, please contact us at


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