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Planet Mogul and Women 2.0 join EQUALS partnership

The EQUALS partnership continues to grow, and today we are delighted to formally announce two new partners. Both Planet Mogul and Women 2.0 will join EQUALS as members of our Leadership Coalition, focused on helping women advance in the tech sector and creating entrepreneurship opportunities all over the world. Read more about our newest partners:

Planet Mogul is a private sector enterprise that develops and encourages the next generation of entrepreneurs, innovators, workforce and community leaders by providing an intellectual and interactive learning environment for elementary and middle school students.

Planet Mogul promotes leadership opportunities for women in the digital workforce, including entrepreneurship. The company also focuses on empowering children to achieve more for themselves, their families and their communities, especially through science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM).

"STEAM is a pathway for girls and women to achieve parity and economic justice," says Rohena Miller, CEO of Planet Mogul.

The organization provides "STEAM-to-GO" Mobile Bookcases that provide free Moguls-in-Training workbooks and other STEAM books for kids. The workbooks feature great stories along with lessons in economics, innovation and leadership. Planet Mogul has also created Mogul Academy, a set of free lessons available to teachers and anyone else interested in inspiring students to think of themselves as entrepreneurs and leaders.

As a "for-profit, for-good" company, Women 2.0 is a media and tech hub for issues of gender equality in the tech industry. Their focus is on increasing diversity and inclusion through powerful actions and strong messages.

"The EQUALS initiative focuses on several valuable pieces of the 'equation' of gender equality in the tech industry. In particular, by tackling the issues of knowledge and resource awareness of women in the space, we can hope to advance women more efficiently and effectively, and provide much more access for women at all levels within the space." – Kate Brodock, Women 2.0 CEO

Through their digital subscription known as "The Dot," Women 2.0 provide expertise and analysis to executives, personnel leads, and employees who want to know how to maximize workplace potential through "D&I" (diversity and inclusion). Women 2.0 also work in-house at organizations by conducting D&I workshops and trainings, coordinating internal events, consulting, and providing inspiring speakers.

Women 2.0 will be joining the EQUALS Leadership Coalition, where they can apply their expertise to helping bridge the gender digital divide through empowering and inspiring women in the tech workforce.

The EQUALS Global Partnership is a growing network of companies, foundations, academia, United Nations agencies and civil society organizations which come together to bridge the digital gender divide. By promoting awareness, leveraging resources and knowledge, harnessing the capacities of partners, and supporting real action – EQUALS seeks to achieve digital gender equality and through this, to improve the livelihoods of millions around the world.

To become an Official Partner of the EQUALS Global Partnership, contact:

Learn more about the 2018 EQUALS in Tech Awards here.

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