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Looking to learn more about how you can help advance digital skills education for women and girls? Search through a wide range of resources including guidelines and toolkits, research papers and reports, blogs and web articles, teaching and learning resources, policies, laws and plans, surveys and links to other resource hubs. 

This section is a non-exhaustive compilation. If you would like to add your own resource to the Hub, please complete this form. We will regularly update the Hub as new resources become available. 

10 Lessons Learnt_ Closing the Gender Ga


"You Can't Live Without It": Girls' Rights in the Digital World

This paper examines whether existing rights frameworks address the realities of girls' experience in the digital space, includes girls' perspectives of online risks, and presents recommendations for a girls' rights approach to reflect the rapidly changing digital world.

10 Lessons Learnt_ Closing the Gender Ga


10 Lessons Learnt: Closing the Gender Gap in Internet Access and Use

This report provides insights to consider when implementing projects that aim to increase women’s access to and use of the internet. These include involving women in all aspects of the initiative, from design to delivery; ensuring initiatives are holistic in nature and take into account all barriers to access; and emphasising the need for basic digital skills.

10 Lessons Learnt_ Closing the Gender Ga


2019 Women in Tech Report

This report discusses Gen Z women developers' skill sets, motivations and job interests by analysing data across a sample of 12,000 female developers.

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