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EQUALS Her Digital Skills e-Mentoring 2022 interview with Lalain Anwar & Jenai Doctor

Jenai Doctor is an Associate Consultant (Media & Entertainment) at EY based in India and her mentee Lalain Anwar is a Computer Science graduate from Pakistan.

EQUALS: Please can you tell us a little about yourself and your background?

Mentor - Jenai Doctor: I’m Jenai Doctor and work as an Associate Consultant for the Media and Entertainment Sector in our audit department at EY. I work with many large organizations and help them to achieve their goals and build a better working world. I am an avid sportswoman with the enthusiasm to teach and help the people around me to grow. Specifically, I enthusiastically promote fitness and a healthy lifestyle. In addition to my role at EY, I am motivated to go out there in the world and make a difference, for example by volunteering in programs focusing on educating kids and teenagers. Thanks to EY Ripples, our internal program aiming to positively impact one billion people’s lives by 2030, I had the opportunity to work with EQUALS Her Digital Skills.

My Master’s degree in Advance Accountancy and Finance and my prior experience as a sportswoman drive me to do better: Make a positive difference in someone’s life while also learning from them and their perspectives. If I can help for example one girl to grow and develop herself, I have in fact reached an entire “family” considering that once the girl has grown up and built her own family, she will be able to guide her loved ones even better.

Mentee - Lalain Anwar: I am Lalain Anwar, a Computer Science graduate working at Genetech Solutions as a Graphic Designer. I did my Bachelor at the University of Karachi, Pakistan. My hobbies include reading self-help books, indulging in arts and crafts. I also enjoy taking part in debates.

EQUALS: Did you know what you wanted to do in the future when you were in school?

Mentor - Jenai Doctor: When I went to school, I wanted to become a teacher. Then, when I went to college, I really enjoyed teaching my peers alongside my professors. For some time, I was even a Teaching Assistant. However, my actual dream was to work with a multinational corporation. Once I graduated, I was looking at jobs and with a lot of effort and determination, I got in at EY, a global corporation. And as I am building my career, I have continued to teach and love to see how I can contribute to shaping the lives of the little ones and their great minds. A teacher/mentor is a person that helps shape many lives and I am glad I can contribute here.

EQUALS: What motivated you to participate in the Her Digital Skills e-mentoring programme?

Mentee - Lalain Anwar: My Project Manager motivated me to take this programme as she thought I would love it. I really believe in the power of self-help skills and hence I signed up for it.

EQUALS: What was/were the most memorable moment(s) of the e-mentoring programme for you?

Mentor - Jenai Doctor: “Being someone's guide is like giving a person a ray of hope when they see dark.” I love this quote as it resonates with how I was fortunate enough in helping my mentee see light and positivity in both her personal and professional life. It was fulfilling to learn that she was immediately applying a lot of the things we had discussed. To experience this real “impact” is the most memorable moment of the e-mentoring programme for me.

EQUALS: What did you enjoy most during the e-mentoring programme?

Mentee - Lalain Anwar: I enjoyed writing to my mentor and sharing pictures of the things I create brought me immense joy. Also, it was lovely that my mentor shared the same interests and we both loved extra-curriculars.

EQUALS: How has the Her Digital Skills e-mentoring programme contributed to your personal and/or professional development?

Mentee - Lalain Anwar: I feel more confident about my skills and the programme kicked the Imposter Syndrome out of my life.

EQUALS: Did you learn or improve any soft skills during the e-mentoring programme? What are they?

Mentee - Lalain Anwar: I got incredible learnings on problem-solving and salary negotiation. I also discussed a part with my mentor where she shared her valuable suggestions on how I can let my voice and input be heard and let other employees know when I am not okay with certain behaviours in regards to inefficiency at work, for example.

EQUALS: What are your goals and dreams for your future?

Mentee - Lalain Anwar: I want to work in a tech company as a lead UI/UX Designer. I want to be part of the Figma Community by becoming an advocate.

EQUALS: Is/are there (a) woman/women role model(s) you admire? What do you admire about her/them?

Mentor - Jenai Doctor: Sheryl Sandberg, COO at Facebook. Before Facebook, she spent six years as VP at Google, where she developed Google’s online advertising programs. Sandberg is the founder of Lean In, a non-profit that supports female growth in professional industries. She is also the author of Option B, a 2017 book focused on facing grief and building resilience. She is the perfect role model for succeeding in her professional life as well as impacting other people's lives. Additionally, I also avidly admire Indra Nooyi, she was listed as the most powerful businesswoman in the world in 2009. She is an inspiration to many women in India.

Mentee - Lalain Anwar: I love all the women leaders who are breaking the glass ceilings in any way. My own boss Ms. Shamim Rajani, the COO of Genetech Solutions is a live example for me currently. She has really taken her company to a great level and it is difficult for a woman in Pakistan to do so, as tech here still remains a male-dominated field.

EQUALS: Would you encourage other professionals to take part in the Her Digital Skills e-mentoring programme?

Mentor - Jenai Doctor: Yes, I would encourage other professionals to participate in the Her Digital Skills e-mentoring program. It is a good way to contribute and help someone grow in their life. Nowadays, due to our busy schedules, people are less engaged in other activities that can take away their personal time. I believe that there is nothing more precious than time invested to help change someone's life for the better.

EQUALS: How about you, Lalain? Would you encourage other girls and women to take part in the Her Digital Skills e-mentoring programme?

Mentee - Lalain Anwar: I would definitely recommend other girls to take part in this as this will boost their confidence and they will get time to reflect on their goals and dreams and pave the way for achieving them.

EQUALS: Would you like to add anything else?

Mentor - Jenai Doctor: HDS E-Mentoring is a big step in helping mentees network with young professionals, seek advice, and learn strategies for building a successful career. I would like to propose a workshop for male and female students in developing countries. It can help us all grow and excel in life.


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