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EQUALS recognized in G20 Ministerial Declaration

The EQUALS Global Partnership has been recognized in a new G20 Ministerial Declaration focused on the global digital economy. The Declaration states:

​“Reaffirming our commitment to bridging the digital gender divide and building upon initiatives such as #eskills4girls and EQUALS, we emphasize that the integration of women in the digital economy supports stronger economic growth, inclusiveness and enhances well-being."

The Ministerial Declaration also encourages G20 countries to take actions through concrete recommendations to bridge this gap outlined in its Annex 2, Bridging the Digital Gender Divide - Delivering Impact.

L to R: Hector Huici (Argentina Secretary for ICT), Houlin Zhao (ITU Secretary-General), Andrés Ibarra (Argentina Minister of Modernization) and María Inés Baque (Argentina Secretary for Innovation) show their commitment to gender digital equality at the G20.

Argentina, as the current President of the G20, has committed to gender equality in all its forms. The gender agenda is also a cross-cutting priority for all G20 groups and task forces and has been particularly relevant within the leadership of the Digital Economy Task Force (DEFT). The G20 DEFT encourages the implementation of policies and initiatives to foster broad access to digitalization and reaffirms the commitment to bridging the gender digital divide and building upon initiatives such as #eskills4girls and EQUALS.

“I am very pleased to see that the G20 Ministerial Declaration highlights the importance of closing the digital gender gap by promoting policies that encourage the digital inclusion of women. Through coordinated action, G20 countries are committing to drive gender equality policies around the world. ITU believes that by joining partnerships such as EQUALS, governments will ensure women and girls play a major role in shaping our future communities and digital economies," said ITU Secretary-General Houlin Zhao. ITU is a founding partner of EQUALS.

As further evidence of Argentina's pledge to improve global gender digital inequality, the country has joined EQUALS as a leading government of the Global South. Argentina joins the partnership in order to leverage the recommendations and principles agreed to by the G20 member states.

"The Internet is a tool that must remain free of prejudices and discrimination. That's why we are bringing the gender issue to the table and encouraging the equal participation of women. This is a reality at present worldwide and requires actions that must be assumed by the public and private sectors in addition to civil society associations," said Andrés Ibarra, Argentina's Minister of Modernization.

Every EQUALS partner is asked to make a commitment to concrete measurable action to bridge the gender digital divide. Argentina has committed to collaborate with initiatives in the EQUALS Access Coalition, Skills Coalition and Research Group.

In the Access Coalition, the adoption of technologies in the National Public Administration will include recommendations with a gender perspective. In the Skills Coalition, the National Plan for Digital Inclusion will include a specific commitment in a women-oriented initiative, Digital Inclusion for Women, with a specific line aimed at recipients of the Hacemos Futuro program. Moreover, gender awareness will be promoted among public employees and society in general. In addition, the evaluation of the implementation of gender policies within public organizations will be promoted. Within the Research Group, data of public administration personnel distribution disaggregated by gender will be published.

In addition to Argentina's government level dedication to gender equality, the EQUALS in Tech Awards evaluation committee examined two outstanding Argentina-based initiatives that progressed to the finalist stage of the awards. These initiatives were standouts among the 357 nominations received this year. Winners will be declared 22 September 2018 in New York City.

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