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Her Digital Skills:


Project Overview

The EQUALS Badges project, currently being developed, is part of the Her Digital Skills initiative. The Badges project is a response to the urgent need to equip girls and young women around the world with the digital skills they need to access formal employment and entrepreneurship. The project offers girls and young women access, free of charge, to a high-quality, universally recognized digital skills training and certification program, through online training and hands-on STEM workshops.

What are the benefits of an EQUALS Badge?

 - Comprehensive curriculum that young women can rely on that equips them with a profound knowledge base

- Gender transformative content that motivates female learners to use technology and know how to learn more; inspires through real-life examples and role models; and creates a feeling of community and belonging

- Powerful credential provided by badges issued by ITU and EQUALS partners, it certifies a profound digital skills set and will help young women to convince educational institutions and employers

- Safe space to learn on a dedicated EQUALS Badges site hosted on ITU Academy an independent and powerful host representing the UN, ensuring a safe place to connect, navigate and learn

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